SERT Podcasts

Plan Well, Age Well

A 4-Part Series of Podcasts in collaboration with:

Spokane Public Radio and the Spokane Elder Resource Team.

Original broadcast April 10-13, 2018

Part 1 with Becky Tiller and Gail Goeller

“Communication: The Role of Family Dynamics in Age Related Planning.”

Part 2 with Kathy Bryant and Lynn St Louis

“Legal Planning Essentials & A Thoughtful Guide for Senior Living.”

Part 3 with Dustin Allbery and Daria Brown

“Creating a Well-balanced Financial Plan and New Tax Law Changes and a Look at your Social Security Options.”

Part 4 with Joel Ferris and Dennis Fletcher

“Exploring Long Term Care Insurance and Medicare Planning Options.”

New Tax Legislation And What It Will Mean

This podcast features SERT members Paul Fruci, CPA and Daria Brown, CPA, talking about the New Tax Legislation And What It Will Mean with host Doug Nadvornick of KSFC 91.9FM. The show as broadcast live on January 30th as part of the public affairs show The Inland Journal. The format was live, in-studio discussion, call-in, text and email Q&A.

Public Radio in Spokane. FYI: More SERT podcasts will be available as part of the Plan Well, Age Well radio series that SERT and Spokane Public Radio are collaborating on from April 10-13. It will cover all aspects of elder planning and feature the same format as this podcast.

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